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About the Office

  1)  Mission


           Bearing the goals of developing strong and solid curriculum, assisting students with enrollment related affairs, and promoting educational and academic research at all levels, this office aims to enhance and better serve all students and faculty members in the university, and to improve the quality of teaching and learning environment.


2)   The Dean’s Office


Name and Current Position

Education and Experience


Liang, Chung-Ming Professor, Department of Education and Dean of  Academic Affairs

Research Interests:Educational Administration, School Government, Comparative Education, Education in Japan

dean picture



Integrated Services Section: Handles applications for admissions from domestic students through various channels such as entrance exam, application and recommendation to undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as for continuing education programs. Oversees the recruitment process for students with outstanding athletic talent. Handles admissions of transfer students, students with mental and physical disabilities, indigenous students and students from offshore islands. Carries out recruitment of overseas Chinese, mainland Chinese and international students. Accepts applications for student exchange programs. Carries out student recruitment-related promotions. Proposes additions or adjustments of departments and graduate institutes (including interdisciplinary degree programs). Provides reports on student recruitment numbers and development. Adjusts tuition and relevant fees. Oversees study abroad programs and assists in the development of outstanding high school students through the Kaohsiung, Taitung, Pingtung area educational resources centers.          





 3)   The Division of Curriculum and Instruction Resources


The Division of Curriculum and Instruction Resources provide services of and information at

a.      courses offered numbering

b.      class schedule arrangement

c.      class adjustment

d.      conducting agenda for the meetings of academic affairs and curriculum

e.      newly established departments

f.        curriculum and teaching evaluation



4)   The Division of Admission and Registration


The Division of Admission and Registration provide services of

a.      undergraduate and graduate enrollment and registration

b.      grade reports and transcripts

c.      diplomas

d.      withdrawals and leaves of absence

e.      graduate school and transfer student entrance examinations

f.        admissions for recommended students

g.      admissions for gifted and talented students


5)   The Division of Publication and Academic Services




The Division of Publication and Academic Services is responsible for

a.     applications for research projects funded by National Science Council

b.     publication of the university journal and other publication related affairs

c.     applications for the university research funding

d.     applications for funds sponsored by the Mainland Affairs Council or other governmental     institutions

e.     distribution of information on academic activities, conferences, seminars or assemblies

f.      arrangements for visiting scholars and exchanging students

g.     coordination for collaboration with other universities